Aimed at students ages 14+, this resource offers a range of activities to support your teaching about the importance of protecting intellectual property rights worldwide. The main focus of the resource is on trademarks and their role in protecting the rights of both consumers and producers of goods and services.

Throughout the resource, learning activities are enriched with video interviews with experts in the field of intellectual property rights and branding.

The resource is informed throughout by the concept of balance between the interests of the owners of rights and of consumers. It seeks to stimulate reflection as to the way in which building respect for IP rights as a tool for development can deliver benefits both for individual creators and for the economy and society as a whole.

Overall Structure

The resource content has been designed to offer teachers a flexible approach to lesson planning. It is organised into three main sections each of which offers a different area for investigation. You can download the complete set of teachers’ notes here or the individual support notes for each unit of work below.

Tricks of the Trademark

Unit 1: Focuses on trademarks, including their history and their purpose.

Support Notes

Brand Loyal

Unit 2: Examines the relationship between trademarks and branding.

Support Notes

Inside the Lines

Unit 3: Explores the importance of respecting IP law, in particular industrial designs, patents and trademarks.

Support Notes

Curriculum Relevance

The resource is aimed at young people in a range of different educational settings worldwide. Whilst international curricula will differ from territory to territory, there are universal lessons for all young people embedded in this resource. Whether your students are learning about citizenship rights and responsibilities, business studies, economics or art and design, a broad understanding of the importance of intellectual property rights is essential.

For a general introduction to the different IP rights, visit the web site of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Using the resource

Whilst each unit can be delivered as a stand-alone programme, each is sub-divided into three separate activity pages which can be combined with other activity pages to create your own programme of study reflecting your prioritised learning objectives.

The units increase in conceptual difficulty. Teachers know their students best, so the following suggestions of the age appropriateness of each section are for guidance only:

Tricks of the trademark: 14 – 16 years
Brand Loyal: 16 – 18 years
Inside the lines: 17 – 19 years


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