As countries develop their economies, they try to create good conditions for people to set up businesses, in the interests of society as a whole. The trademark system is a key tool of economic development, helping to make sure that traders can retain the benefit of their hard work to satisfy customers and enabling them to invest in further development. Because trademarks are so important, a great deal of time and thought goes into their creation.

In this unit, you will find new ways into thinking about the relationship between trademarks and branding.

  • What’s the difference between a trademark and a brand?
  • How do trademarks and brands appeal to different audiences?
  • What is involved in marketing a new brand?

Explore the activities in this section and find the answers to some of these questions.

Psychology of trademarks
Marketing a brand
Case study


Before you start this activity, watch these video interviews to introduce you to concepts related to branding.

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