Psychology of Trademarks


phycology_logosThe shapes and colours used in well-known trademarked logos can create different associations in the minds of consumers. Designers are aware of the psychological impact of certain shapes and colours, and use this knowledge to make their designs appeal to particular audiences.


Identify three key points about the psychology of brands from this interview. Then look at the chart below and based on the information in this interview and your general knowledge, try to finish the sentences using the phrases in the right-hand column.


Look closely at the shapes, colours and typeface used in each of these three well-known logos. From what you’ve learned about the associations of certain logo designs, discuss the questions below giving reasons for your answers.

  • Who do you think is the intended target of each of these trademarked logos?
  • How does colour and shape work in these logos to appeal to their target audiences?
  • Go online to look at each brand’s official website. How does the typeface used on this website reinforce the appeal to the product’s target audience?

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