Marketing a Brand


A considerable amount of creative work goes into producing a new brand. When counterfeiters copy trademarked products, they undermine the creative rights of those involved in producing the originals.

Now you will start thinking about the process of creating a new brand by designing your own trademarked product and planning a marketing campaign to get it noticed.

Watch this video to hear why a strong brand trademark is so important for a new product.


Read these three briefs about different products aimed at different target audiences and choose one to work on.

Before you start, watch these interviews about how to define your brand and how you reach your target consumers.

Interactive Logo Maker

Using our interactive logo maker decide on a name for your product, design a logo for it and build a marketing campaign to promote it. Think carefully about the message you want to communicate, the audience you want to target and decide how best to use shape and colour in order to reach this audience most effectively.

We have created a useful guide to the logo maker to help you get started.



  • Share your brand logos with your class. Try to guess who each design is aimed at.
  • Discuss how you would feel if someone had copied your logo and produced and sold similar, fake products. What problems could this cause and what would you do to respond?
  • What could be the consequences for your business if the fake products were of poor quality or dangerous to health?


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